A Beginners T-Tunic Class


By Mistress Anastacia Grindstead of RavenOak OP

This class is for you!  You may print it, re-print it and share it all you like.

Happy Sewing! 


I encourage all of you to sew, sew, sew!  These pages will take time to load although I tried to refined the class somewhat in the interest of brevity (HA). I hope you enjoy these lessons and find them easy to follow along.  

Many years ago my lord husband and I joined the SCA. During those first formative months my lord had one shirt to wear over jeans and I had one blue "gown" I found at the Goodwill that "looked period" to me. NOT! I had sewn mundane clothing and Halloween costumes for a very long time and knew my way around sewing machines, patterns and alterations very well so I thought, "I'll have a go at making real garb like everyone else wears..."

Ha! After searching for weeks I had ... no one to willing teach me (advice was cheap and dumb looks were free)' found no patterns, run out of time and had very little money to spend. Shortly after that June Crown the ladies in our little household and I found The Known World Handbook had "patterns" but they are hard to follow if you've never used a grid and/or graph paper. The questions about the directions compounded themselves. We need to know things like "just what is a 'gore' and we put it where?" "Why do they call that a sideless surcoat... looks like it has sides?" and "How do you make "The Five Hour Viking?'" This one I did figure out but it took me a lot more than five hours to sew it. Yes, I can read, however, try to decipher the terms in the directions? ...they might as well have been written in Norse runes. After several attempts we had several "twisted" tunics for the household lords to wear for the next event. I wore the blue gown.

This class is designed for those who have little or no sewing experience, so I have included some information about sewing machines. I have taught gentles that touched the sewing machine and jumped back making gestures to ward off evil, all the while swearing it hissed at them. After all "men are not supposed to know how to sew" to which I replied, "If you don't want to buy your garb, you'll learn to sew, I'm not saying you have to like it. After all, it's only a machine." 

If you stick to it you'll soon sew very nice garb.   I can hear you, "I'll cut out and press, but, I don't sew, I don't want to sew and I never will sew."  Never say never.  By keeping the patterns simple and dressing things up with fabric choices, trims and accessories you too can go from Mundanes to Garb in a very short period of time. Keep smiling and stop saying "I can't."

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