Ladies Field Garb:

The first pieces of garb I made were T-tunic style gowns and tunics, that was a long time ago and I still find them the most comfortable and versatile of all the garb I have worn. I wear tunics with pants (trews) while working because long skirts have been known to wrap up my legs and take me for a roll on the ground. When you see me in these I am playing in the kitchen or in the encampment.


T-Tunic gowns and Trews
I suggest using seam binding on the neckline and sleeve hems.

These are simple tunics, with little or no trim.

Fabrics are easy-to-care-for cotton, linen, and muslin. These fabrics will allow easy cleaning, and will give you service for many events.

Tunics were worn throughout the middle ages, until about the 13th century, when garments for women changed style to become more closely fitted.

Tunics were often layered, with shorter tunics over full-length tunics. Two or more layers were commonly used.

Full length tunic 3/4 length tunic Instructions for making a basic tunic may be found in the Sewing Class link.
Bee's knees trews

Under clothing for all time periods

This Chemise was made from cotton voile. It can also be made from muslin or other light-weight fabric.

The chemise was worn under close-fitting garments, such as Italian court garments. It is basically a tube of fabric, with tubes for the arms, gathered at the neck and wrists. Please contact me for instructions for making this garment. Instructions will be posted to the sewing part of the website during the website update.


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