For the Field: 

I use the term - field garb - for clothing for working around camp at events. I use only sturdy, easy to care for fabrics, such as cotton, cotton blends, and muslin. Reasonably priced and geared toward working and playing in adverse conditions, this clothing is well suited for the outdoors.  The most basic garb, cut in the simple t-tunic style, makes great underclothing (simples) and while these can be trimmed they should not be confused with the more period cut and stitching of tunics and gowns which can be found in the Court Garb section of this catalog.  

Master Alberic

is in a tunic made from muslin, which is a great work tunic even in the hottest weather.

Baroness Anastacia

in a comfortable tunic for working, court, or spending time with friends. Wonderful "bees knees" trews keep our Auntie right in style.

Garb for children can be found at Scrappies (ages 4 and under) and Kindergarb (ages 4-11).


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