Medieval Arts

Greetings Good Gentle,

My goals and interests have changed, and I am no longer selling medieval clothing or pavilions. Instead, this website is being updated to include information for the Medieval or Renaissance enthusiast who wishes to make their own clothing.

My interest and passion is for teaching and for the scribal arts. As this site is updated, you will find information on the making of simple clothing, allong with resources for patterning and creating more formal clothing.

This site will also be updated to include Medieval and Celtic illuminated manuscripts. If you have a need for such a manuscript, please feel free to contact me via email.

Gallery Information about Medieval and Renaissance clothing Each article of clothing was chosen with the SCA and recreating the Middle Ages and Renaissance, pre-1600 time period, in mind.
Sewing Classes Sewing your own garb -for beginners Having trouble getting started, and need something basic? Try these simple sewing instructions!
Illuminated Manuscripts Manuscripts and other documents Medieval style illuminated manuscripts, with a focus on Celtic arts, coming soon!

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